The L Word (LikeLustLove)

by SigNif



The L Word is the 1st offering from my new album Friction. The Friction LP will be available through digital downloads and hard copies this summer. #Letshavesomefun


The feeling is strong

I even prayed for the feeling to be gone

Gone where my heart be
Mind controls the body

But body got a mind of it's own
I think I want to get you alone (that's that) same old song

These feelings are way to bold

True story that's still untold

Hold your tongue or it might unfold

Like the covers we lie in
Lust is still a sin so I probably shouldn’t let you in

I got better options but you're still invited

I hope I don't get to excited
I hope I don't look too frightened

Me and my conscious still fighting

Only if the world knew
I might scream it from the mountain tops

Day dreaming about meontop

I probably shouldn't rap about it

You know they gone ask about it
You know I get bout it bout it
You know I get the party started
Drunk crunk in the lobby lobby
We should have a body party
I want to paint these words on you
Cause It takes two to make a thing go right
Then it went left
Probably cause I left
I shouldn’t hold my breath
I’m feeling like til’
Death do us part
We probably shouldn’t part over silly mistakes that I always make
Don’t call me selfish it was more like rebellious
Glad you ain’t turn out a failure like my rap career now that’s harsh
We can be the black David Beckham and Posh
If it don't fall down
Either way build it back up from the ground
And try again my friend to the very end
Yeah to the very end
Love the way you make me feel
It's unreal


released May 20, 2014
Produced by MotelEola



all rights reserved


SigNif New York

When you listen to Signif you hear a young woman that is articulate, clever, confident, and creative. She is NOT a trend. She is NOT a fad. Plain and simple, Signif IS Hip-Hop and she IS the future of the art-form that so desperately needs more people who are dedicated to rising above a status quo that unfortunately champions cultural regression instead of the power of enlightenment. ... more

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